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Men's FLX & MOVE Hoodies & Jackets

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NZ Fern BK6571T
NZ Fern BJ6570
NZ Fern BV0570
NZ Fern BJL6570
Flx & Move™ Hi Vis Taped Liquid Repellent Fleece Hoodie Flx & Move™ Soft Shell Jacket Flx & Move™ Soft Shell Vest Women's Flx & Move™ Soft Shell Jacket
NZ Fern BK6901
NZ Fern BJ6844
NZ Fern BJ6937
NZ Fern BJ6944
Flx & Move™ Recycle Zip Hoodie Flx & Move™ puffer Fleece Hooded Jacket Flx & Move™ Shield Jacket Flx & Move™ Contrast Puffer Fleece Hooded Jacket
Flx & Move™ Liquid Repellent Fleece Hoodie Flx & Move™ Recycle Pullover Hoodie Flx & Move™ Recycle Pullover Hoodie with Print Flx and Move™ Marle Fleece Hoodie Jumper

Protection against the colder weather

Bisley’s range of flx and move jackets offer a shield against the wind and rain. TPU membrane and fully seamed stitching in the inside gives your jacket water resistant from the rain. Polyester wadding in our puffer fleece hooded jackets will keep you properly insulated against the cold. Like our entire range of men’s workwear, every garment offers its own technological features brought together from years of research and development.
Click through any product, and find out more about the features they offer to keep you comfortable.

Shield your head and neck

Collared and hooded jackets offer some extra protection from cold morning or evening winds. All of our jackets also come with a hood or a higher collar to help keep back the chill.
Buy our pullover styles for cozy wear on and off work. Bisley’s Flx and Move hoodies are comfortable, soft and offer the stretch-focussed materials that help you move.

Durable Styles

Easily look after and keep the clothing you wear for longer. FLX & MOVE Canvas Jacket is made for durability, with an industrial strength that has been certified for tradie wear. We design clothes for work, and thus for toughness with abrasion resistant shoulder pads and panels. So you’re able to focus less on the clothes, and more on the work.