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Men's Hi Vis Safety Wear Pants

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NZ Fern BPC6331T
NZ Fern BPC6088T
NZ Fern BP6088T
NZ Fern BPC6029T
Flx & Move™ Stretch Utility Cargo Pants Recycle Taped Biomotion Cargo Work Pant Recycle Taped Biomotion Pant Taped Biomotion Stretch Cotton Drill Elastic Waist Cargo Work Pant
NZ Fern BPK6202T
NZ Fern BPC6008T
NZ Fern BP6412T
NZ Fern BPC6028T
Taped Biomotion Track Pants Taped Stretch Cotton Drill Cargo Pants Taped Biomotion Two Tone Pants Taped Biomotion Stretch Cotton Drill Cargo Cuffed Pants
NZ Fern BP6008T
NZ Fern BPC8189T
NZ Fern BP6936T
NZ Fern BP6474T
Taped Biomotion Stretch Cotton Drill Work Pants TenCate Tecasafe® Plus 580 Taped Lightweight FR Cargo Pants Taped Stretch PU Rain Pants X Airflow™ Taped Ripstop Vented Work Pants
NZ Fern BPC6475T
NZ Fern BP6965T
NZ Fern BPC6431T
NZ Fern BPC8092T
X Airflow™ Taped Ripstop Engineered Cargo Work Pants Taped Hi Vis Rain Shell Pants Taped Cool Vented Lightweight Cargo Pants TenCate Tecasafe® Plus 700 Taped FR Vented Cargo Pants

Why are safety clothes important?

Safety clothing is important in the workplace as it protects users against any health and safety risks at work. Safety wear, otherwise known as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), workwear like hi vis safety pants, Hi Vis shirts, Hi Vis tees and Hi Vis polos; lessen the likelihood of injury and illness in a high-risk working environment. Make sure you’re safe every time you step on site! 

When should you wear Hi Vis safety pants?

Men’s reflective work pants should be worn with your hi vis tee, hi vis polo or hi vis shirt. This is to ensure you are protected while working at all times. In addition to safety, men’s reflective work pants provide comfort and flexibility on site, as well as keep you clean in messy and hazardous environments. 

How do men’s hi vis work pants keep me safe?

Men’s hi vis work pants keep you safe in numerous ways. One of the most important ways men’s hi vis work pants keep tradies safe is with their excellent sun protection. The ultraviolet radiation transmitted through a fabric to the skin is measured and given a rating of 15 (Min protection), 30 (good protection), 50 and 50+ (excellent protection). All Bisley workwear and Hi Vis safety wear offer some form of sun protection. 

Should I only wear men’s safety pants?

Safety pants are an excellent choice for any tradie working in high-risk environments. For tradies who are not constantly required to wear high visibility workwear, our men’s workwear pants are a great alternative. We offer; lightweight, regular weight, stretch, denim, and FLX & MOVE work pants that you can shop for. In the summertime, to clear yourself from overheating or feeling uncomfortable being out in the sun in long pants, we also have our men’s hi vis safety shorts that you can shop for.