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Women's Workwear Showerproof Jackets

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NZ Fern BJ6962
NZ Fern BJ6835
NZ Fern BJL6570
NZ Fern BJL6060
Long Rain Coat Stretch PU Rain Coat Women's Flx & Move™ Soft Shell Jacket Women's Soft Shell Jacket
Women's Puffer Jacket Women's Taped Two Tone Hi Vis 3-in-1 Soft Shell Jacket

Are showerproof garments seam sealed?

For showerproof garments, and women’s outerwear in general; if the garment repels liquid on the outside, it is not fully seams sealed on the inside. This is different to Women’s water resistant jackets, where fabrics are added to the interior of the garment to ensure no water can seep through. This means that waterproof garments are fully seam-sealed, keeping you completely dry at all times. 

Why should I wear Wet Weather Workwear in Winter?

Workwear is up to each tradie ladies' personal preference and uniform requirements. Our Showerproof jackets and soft shell jackets should be worn because they keep you comfortable and warm during the cooler days, meaning you are more functional and productive while you work. Not to mention it prevents the probability of catching a cold, as you’re warm and secure with every wear.